A Feral/Stray Cat Math Problem With A Local, Humane Solution

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Save A Life of Suffering

Adding more feral cats to the current population is painting a dismal picture for both cats and humans. Through spay and neuter efforts nationwide, cats that are born into starving, extreme weather, or diseased environments, now may not feel that type of suffering.

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Community Good

As a resident in our local community you can stand up and take a role in your neighborhood. Look around your neighborhood and speak with others who might be feeding the stray cats. Tell them about the potential of trapping and releasing, benefiting the local community instead of assisting the propagation of the current population. You are making an informed choice that is best for the overall cat population.

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Humane Efforts

From the traps to the psychology, we seek to implement a humane and caring solution with the effort we undertake. Do no harm, first and benefit the community, second. Cats are usually part of an extended family (colony) and we identify, name, and target the local colony with their family in mind.

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A Supporter Quote:

"Watching Cat Trap and Release in action, made me a believer that it is possible to curb our neighborhood stray cat population"